Our Services

Our interactive, skill-building training sessions are tailored for each client.  Videotaped practice zeros in on what works and what doesn’t.  Is your message clear and compelling?  Does your voice and body language project confidence?  Are you ready to present your best?  We’ll help you achieve your speaking goals.  And, earn the respect you deserve.

Media Training

CNN, Meet the Press, USA TODAY, NPR, or Facebook Live — no matter the forum we’ll ensure you’re ready to get your point across clearly and concisely.

Public Speaking

Positive Communications training helps novice as well as more experienced speakers project with confidence around a conference table or in a convention hall.

Executive Presentations

Positive Communications’ Executive Presentation Training helps senior leaders in business, government, and the nonprofit sector refine and polish their skills.

Message Development

We will help you tell your story so you can rally support for a cause, advocate for an issue and inspire people to join your effort.

Speech Writing

Writing for the ear is different from writing for the eye. Learn how to articulate powerful ideas with memorable words.

Debate Preparation

We prepare political candidates for live debates, thought leaders for policy forums and spokespeople for cable TV shows. Our techniques will help you handle any opponent with composure and confidence.

Political Communications

The stump speech, fundraising pitches, campaign rallies and town hall meetings — we’ll ensure you’re ready for the rigors of the campaign trail.