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Debate Preparation

Positive Communications debate training prepares you to handle any line of inquiry or attack with composure and confidence.

Learn how to:

  • Advocate your position clearly and concisely
  • Handle the unexpected
  • Diffuse negative questions or attacks
  • Win the news coverage
  • Sharpen on-camera timing and delivery skills
  • Never lose your cool
New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan bests her opponent.

Campaign and Candidate Readiness

Our founder Chris Jahnke has helped vice-presidential, gubernatorial, and U.S. Senate candidates prepare for nationally televised live debates and town hall forums.  Chris’ debate prep helped ensure victories for Governor Gina Raimondo, U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan and former Governors Bev Perdue, Jennifer Granholm, Christine Gregoire.  She prepped Joe Lieberman to go head to head with Vice President Dick Cheney and Al Franken for his first ever Senate debate.

Streamline the debate prep operation with Chris’ experienced advice. Rethink the old three-ring binder approach and replace it with a message development system that will empower the candidate to address any question with the knowledge and confidence.

Campaign Debate Prep:

  • Campaign readiness assessment
  • Negotiating the ground rules
  • Developing the message strategy
  • Handling all attacks
  • Mock debate rehearsals