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"Positive Communications media training is more, much more than how to look good on tv. Your strategic thinking and common-sense problem solving has helped shape our corporate communications message."

Director of Media Relations, NASDAQ


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tv tip HDTV requires new make up. Read what the experts recommend on Politico.com

Media Training

Conquer the camera

The Camera is Rolling. Are you?

At Positive Communications we are media experts who can help you get your point across clearly and concisely. Whatever the format -  live television, webcast, cable talk show, print , radio call-in, satellite or telephone interview - we have the experience, the tools, and the techniques that to make it a positive experience.  Learn how to prepare for any question, develop and deliver a savvy message, and look and sound your best.

Our training ensures that you break through the clutter of a crowded, chaotic media landscape.  Interview prep helps you more effectively generate support for your cause, respond to misinformation, advocate a policy position, promote an idea, and deal with the skeptics and critics.  Avoid the fatal flaws of the YouTube age.

Media Training Skill Building

  • Tell your story
  • Control the interview
  • Deflect negative questions
  • Craft strategic sound bites
  • Project confidence on camera

Conquering the Camera

Learn the secrets to on-camera delivery. Mock practice of edited, live, and satellite interviews will help you hone your delivery technique including body language, eye contact, and vocal control. Specific advice is provided on how to dress for the camera.

"We can help when you are preparing a long-term media outreach campaign or when CNN wants you on tonight," says Positive Communications Founder Christine Jahnke.

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