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Public Speaking

Present Your Authentic Self

We have all felt vulnerable before an audience. Positive Communications’ training will help you conquer your nerves so you can present your authentic self. By developing your signature style you will be able to connect with the audience and achieve your goals.

  • Create a winning first impression
  • Use body language to engage
  • Show your command of the subject
  • Be polished and prepared

How the training works:

  • First, we conduct a pre-training analysis of speaking strengths and weaknesses;
  • Next we tailor the training workshop to your needs and interests;
  • On-camera practice helps pinpoint areas of strength and what needs improvement;
  • We review your remarks with a speechwriter’s ear; and
  • Follow up consultations provide ongoing learning and skill-building.

Skill-Building Techniques to Knock Their Socks Off

  • Practice the right way
  • Analyze the audience and event
  • Master the stage, lectern, and microphone
  • Format notes that work
  • Develop creative visual aids
"One of the advocates who left your workshop, immediately rewrote her talk, changed her outfit and felt it all went so much better... for Lobby Day (on Capitol Hill.)" Advocacy Director, National Breast Cancer Coalition