Vicki Arroyo challenges a TED talk audience in Edinburgh, Scotland to tackle climate change

Climate change expert Vicki Arroyo speaks at a TED talk in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Waste Management

From Our Clients

"Christine always has the right approach for client issues and, perhaps even more important, the right touch for different personalities. She has the unquie ability to address critical issues and instill confidence in her clients in preparation for important interviews and public appearances."

Managing Director, Corporate Communications NASCAR


Executive Presentations


Does Your Senior Executive Need Some Polish?

Positive Communications' Executive Presentation Training helps senior leaders in business, government, and the nonprofit sector refine and polish their skills. We are skilled at giving frank advice to top executives about their communications approach, abilities and speaking style. We can provide a fresh perspective and deliver it in a constructive, non-challenging way.

We work with the internal communications team to develop a plan for working with the high level executive. The first step is the pre-training analysis of the executive's speaking style. Prior to any scheduled training we review video clips of speeches, speech texts, and background materials to assess needs, establish goals, and develop the training plan.  This allows us to hit the ground running so we maximize the time with the executive.

Advanced Skill Building

  • Articulating a vision
  • Crisis response
  • Teleprompter technique
  • Advanced on-camera techniques
  • Tips on image and style

Special Event Prep

  • Keynote speech
  • Commencement address
  • A TED talk
  • Annual convention presentation
  • In-depth profile interview

Follow-up training sessions and on-going advice are important components of the training process. We are always ready to review any presentations and provide feedback. "There are no overnight successes in public speaking. The most successful presenters develop and polish their skills over time," says Positive Communications founder Christine Jahnke.

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