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Breast Cancer Instititute logo"One of the advocates who left your workshop, immediately rewrote her talk, changed her outfit and felt it all went so much better... for Lobby Day (on Capitol Hill.)"

Advocacy Director, National Breast Cancer Coalition


Chris Jahnke and stylist Tara Luizzi share pointers on “The First Impression” at JCrew in Georgetown

Look & Sound Your Best

Champion Stance 

“You had me at hello.” 

First impressions matter a great deal.  They are formed in seconds and can stick for a lifetime.  Often audience members remember what they saw you do and what you looked like rather than what you had to say.

At Positive Communications we take a 360 degree approach.  Paying attention to the total package including appearance and attire is an integral part of being taken seriously.  We’ll show you how to be in charge of your entire look.

Manage the First Impression

  • Establish good eye contact immediately
  • Use the champion stance
  • Sound committed
  • Look like you want to be there
  • Strategically dress to impress

Well-spoken means being well-dressed. Learn how to make wise clothing and accessory choices on any budget. Preparing in advance helps you avoid the discomfort and embarrassment of ill-fitting clothes. On stage is not the time to realize your slacks are stained or your skirt is too short.  We’ll help ensure your speaking uniform is a good fit.

The Well-Dressed Rules

  • Take the outfit for a test drive
  • Be event appropriate
  • Express your personality subtly
  • Avoid wardrobe malfunctions

Finishing Touches

  • The best and worst things to wear on-camera
  • When and how to use make up
  • Managing hair, eye glasses, and accessories

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