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"Positive Communications media training is more, much more than how to look good on tv. Your strategic thinking and common-sense problem solving has helped shape our corporate communications message."

Director of Media Relations, NASDAQ

"Christine…has the unique ability to address critical issues and instill confidence in her clients in preparation for important interviews and public appearances."

Corporate Communications, NASCAR

Captivate Your Audience

Captivate Your Audience

Who is your favorite public speaker? 

Perhaps you admire a national figure or someone in your community.  Do you know what it is about that person’s speaking style that captures your attention?  The specific qualities and techniques of the best presenters may seem to be a bit of a mystery.

At Positive Communications we reveal what it takes to engage an audience.  There are fundamental traits you can develop and hone through rehearsal and real-life experience.  It all starts with an understanding of the three v’s of communication.

Three V’s of Communication

  • Voice: how you sound
  • Visual: how you look
  • Verbal: what you have to say

Our training includes videotaped practice to zero in on what works and what doesn’t.  Does your voice project authority?  Is your body language relaxed?  Are your remarks compelling?  We teach you how to assess the quality of your voice and body language and how to develop a message that is relevant and on point. 

Skill Building Best Practices

  • Assess your speaking strengths & weaknesses
  • Learn the right way to prepare
  • Rehearse to improve
  • Manage the first impression
  • Command the stage

There are no overnight successes.  It takes time and sweat equity. Best of all, your hard work will pay off.  The applause ends but the satisfaction of moving an audience endures.


  • Achieve your goals
  • Be taken seriously
  • Earn the respect you deserve


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