Union of Concerned Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists

The Challenge—help the public understand the impacts of global warming and mobilize the nation to act.

Positive Communications Solution—The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is the leading science-based nonprofit working to combat global warming.  Over the past ten years, Positive Communications has provided media training and message development sessions for hundreds of UCS scientists around the country.

UCS scientists are the experts in understanding how global warming is impacting our health and well-being.  Positive Communications' media training helps the scientists translate reams of complicated research and data so legislators, industry leaders, and the general public can better understand the challenge we face with global warming.

USC is also providing a blueprint for helping our nation transition to a clean energy future.  Positive Communications' works with USC national spokespeople to help them advocate for new climate, transportation, and energy policies.  UCS's message is helping decision makers understand how investing in clean and efficient energy technologies, industries, and approaches will help businesses and consumers.


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