Democratic National Convention

2012 Democratic National Convention2012 Democratic National Convention
The Challenge — deliver the Democratic Party's message of hope and change to America.

Positive Communications Solution — Christine Jahnke was a member of the speech rehearsal team prepping the platform speakers at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Denver. Backstage in the convention hall, Chris helped the platform speakers get ready to step out in front of the party faithful and millions of television viewers.

Working with a team of political pros, Chris provided teleprompter pointers, on-camera delivery techniques, last-minute speech editing, and wardrobe advice to dozens of Democratic Party leaders, elected officials, Hollywood celebrities, and real people, too. All in an effort to bring the Democratic Party's message of change and hope to America.

A seasoned political pro working with Sheehan Associates and the speechwriting crew, Jahnke has provided speaker coaching at every convention since 1996.

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