Case Studies

Our clients give interviews on Meet the Press and Comedy Central, TED talks, briefings on Capitol Hill, all-staff meetings, keynote addresses, and celebratory toasts. They are book authors, climate scientists, gubernatorial candidates, First Ladies, social media entrepreneurs, grassroots activists, philanthropists — people who are vocal about making a difference.

Here are some of the interesting people we’ve had the pleasure to work with.  We’ll do for you what we did for them – help them present their best selves.

Record Breakers

In 2012, Americans elected a record number of women to the U.S. Senate. As a consultant to Emily’s List, the fundraising powerhouse that supports pro-choice women candidates, Chris Jahnke provided media and debate coaching to Emily’s List endorsed candidates for governor, U.S. Congress, and statewide races around the country.

Changing the Conversation

Founded by Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and Robin Morgan the Women’s Media Center is dedicated to making women more visible and powerful in the media. Chris Jahnke is the coach for WMC’s premier skill-building training program Progressive Women’s Voices. Chris prepares women leaders to hit the airwaves with their unique perspective on the issues of the day.

TED: Ideas Worth SpreadingVicki Arroyo challenges a TED talk audience in Edinburgh, Scotland to tackle climate change

For climate expert Vicki Arroyo the impact of Hurricane Katrina went well beyond the professional as the storm that ravaged New Orleans destroyed her parent’s home. On stage at a TED talk in Edinburgh, Scotland, the environmental attorney shared bold ideas about how our homes and cities can adapt to a new climate. We prepped Vicki for the idiosyncrasies of a TED talk.

Justice for Service Members

The Service Women’s Action Network led by former marine Anu Bhagwati is leading the fight for military sexual assault reform. Working closely with leaders on Capitol Hill, Anu’s group introduced legislation to professionalize the military justice system so sexual assault survivors get their day in court. We provided training to prepare survivors for high profile government hearings and media interviews.

Cesar's WayEven Pop Culture Icons Need Media Training

Before he was a household name, National Geographic's Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan turned to Chris Jahnke with Sheehan Associates to learn the do's and don'ts of media interviewing. Chris helped Cesar hone his message of "exercise, discipline, and then affection" that is now familiar to pet lovers everywhere. Cesar, dog trainer to the stars Oprah and Nicolas Cage, was born to be on television, Chris just helped him polish his star power.

Hillary Clinton

Presidential Politics

In 2008 Chris Jahnke provided media training and message prep for Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign. Chris traveled with the campaign to cities around the country working with top surrogates, senior staff members, and thousands of supporters. All in an effort to mobilize the 18 million voters who cracked a political glass ceiling with their support of America's first woman presidential primary winner.

Northrop GrummanLeading the Way

When senior executives at Northrop Grumman, a leading global security company, want to fine-tune their presentation skills they call Positive Communications.  For years, Chris Jahnke has worked with top executives in the company's electronic and shipbuilding sectors preparing them to give live and webcast presentations to employees, customers, industry audiences, and key decision-makers worldwide.

FarmFest with Al FrankenSNL Veteran Aces Farmfest Debate

U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken's first face-to-face debate with his Republican opponent Norm Coleman took place at Farmfest 2008. With help from debate coach Chris Jahnke, candidate Franken fielded questions on farm issues ranging from biomass and biofuels to sugar beet prices.  As the StarTribune newspaper reported, Franken "more than held his own on ag issues."

Fox News

When Fox News Calls

Union of Concerned Scientist's Brenda Ekwurzel didn't allow Fox News to derail her message on climate change. Reporter Neil Cavuto threw every curve ball in his playbook, but couldn't stop Ekwurzel from hitting a home run on quickly addressing the man made problem. Ekwurzel explained the science so even naysayers might be persuaded to buy a Prius and reduce their carbon foot print. Watch her on

Cornell University

Excellence in Higher Learning

Cornell University, once called the first American university, is the most educationally diverse member of the Ivy League.  Chris Jahnke travels to the upstate New York campus to help university administrators, faculty, and graduate students tell the story of this prestigious institution.  At Cornell the message is "be the best at what we undertake to do."

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue Herstory Making Speech

In her inaugural address North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue declared a "new beginning." Chris Jahnke helped the state's first woman governor craft her historic remarks that pledged "the state's departure from the past would be more than symbolic." Governor Perdue told the crowd of over 3,000 well-wishers she was ready to speak candidly and act boldly.

DNCBringing More Change to America

Millions tuned in to watch nominee Barack Obama deliver his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Committee in North Carolina. Since 1996 Chris Jahnke has been a member of the speech rehearsal team working feverishly behind the scenes to prep the platform speakers. Chris provides teleprompter techniques, last-minute speech editing, and wardrobe advice to hundreds of Democratic Party leaders, Presidential Cabinet Members, Hollywood celebrities, and some real people, too.

Amy Van DykenBattling Asthma to Win Olympic Gold

Severe asthma didn't stop Amy Van Dyken from becoming the first American woman athlete to win four gold medals in one Olympic Games. After hanging up her trunks the champion became a spokesperson for a major pharmaceutical company. Chris Jahnke helped Amy tell how the proper medication made it possible for her to become a world class athlete.


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