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What do I do when...

What do I do when ...

I need a media savvy message?

February 24, 2011
By Christine K. Jahnke

Communication today is fast, pervasive, often invasive. Innovations like blogs and Twitter allow you to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This brave new world can cause damage to your credibility if you haven't prepared what you want to say. Positive Communications training will help you master today's communications universe by crafting messages that are compelling.

What international corporation has a business credo that includes the message "using our imaginations to bring happiness to millions"?

If you guessed The Walt Disney Company you would be right. Mickey Mouse and friends know the importance of developing a core, value-based message.  All of the world's most visionary companies have clear core messages according to the Stanford University professors who studied successful corporations for their bestseller "Built to Last."

Whether you are running a business or a political campaign, you've got to have message. A message strategy allows you to define who you are, what you stand for, and how you are different. In the court of public opinion it is always better to define yourself, otherwise others will do the defining for you.

Once you've developed your message, don't let it sit on a shelf and gather dust. Savvy organizations provide training for their key spokespeople so they can clearly and concisely articulate the message in any forum. President Barak Obama was a master at communicating his campaign themes of change and hope.

At Positive Communications we'll help you develop a message people will listen to.

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