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What do I do when...

What do I do when ...

I need to update my look?

June 14, 2009
By Christine K. Jahnke

 I need to update my look?

Image is everything, ask Sarah Palin.

Just days after the Alaskan Governor was tapped to be John McCain's running mate her wardrobe was front page news. The media focused relentless attention on the price tags of the stylish, well-fitting suits that replaced her more causal outfits.

All public figures should be wary of making abrupt style changes. As the Vice Presidential nominee Palin needed to look good, if not she would have been roundly criticized as a fashion faux pas.

Unfortunately, her style update came as she was being introduced to the American public and the scrutiny level was extremely high. Appearance makeovers always prompt intense curiosity from the public.

The buzz about stylistic changes can distract attention away from the issues and the important matters of the day. First Lady Michelle Obama's clothing choices are hotly debated on a daily basis. Should she or shouldn't she have worn a sweater when she met the Queen of England.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has learned a thing or two about style from her years in the public spotlight. Whenever she deplanes on a foreign trip, Secretary Clinton is classically well-dressed, not a wrinkle in sight. She has a look that is all business but still approachable.

Don't let your attire be an after thought. Select timeless styles and avoid seasonal trends.  Here's what to choose and what to lose.


  • Invest in well-tailored suits that fit your body type.
  • Wear strong, solid colors.  Nancy Reagan red is a cliché but it stands out on tv.
  • Choose simple jewelry like Jackie Kennedy pearls.
  • Select camera ready eye glasses.


  • Wear short sleeve shirts unless you are at the county fair.
  • Buy anything with a busy print or distracting pattern.
  • Choose inferior fabrics that show every wrinkle.
  • Wear hats, not even the cap of your favorite sports team.

At Positive Communications we can help you with your image by helping you select appropriate clothing and accessories.

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