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What do I do when...

What do I do when ...

I’ll be standing a long time?

June 27, 2013
By Christine K. Jahnke

I’ll be standing a long time?

Clothing should be event appropriate.  That’s why Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’ pink running shoes were the perfect choice for her 11-hour filibuster.  Senator Davis’ marathon monologue led to the defeat of anti-woman, abortion legislation.  And, her sneakers helped her adhere to the filibuster rules of no sitting, leaning, or bathroom breaks.

Plan the speaking outfit in advance so you aren’t caught in the bind of:  “It’s the night before and the dry cleaner is closed.”  Never wear a new outfit the first time the day of an important presentation.  Take it for a test drive by wearing it to another event when you are not the featured speaker.  The day of is not the time to discover the pants weren’t taken in properly or that you can’t move your arms in the jacket. 

The Well-Dressed Uniform Rules

  • Event Appropriate — Plan as carefully for the company retreat in July and the holiday dinner in December as you would for the April board meeting.
  • Audience Appropriate — Don’t send a signal that you disrespect the audience by being caught under dressed. You can always take the jacket off. 
  • Clothes Must Fit — Well-tailored clothes hide body flaws. If you’ve put on weight, a well-fitted suit can do wonders to conceal extra pounds. A poor fit can accentuate problem areas.   
  • Subtle Personality — A distinctive cut of a jacket or a flattering neck tie make better statements than tiger prints or a flashy watch.
  • Great Hair — If it has been a while since you visited a good salon get a contemporary, flattering style. 

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